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Episodes We Love to Hate

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The 301: Episodes We Love To Hate
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This is a community for all those episodes that kicked us squarely in the gonads, the ones we hate, but had to watch. The one where your favourite character died. Had gross "relations", or did something really, really, amazingly stupid.
The 301 started as that. Episode 301, CSI Miami. I knew it was coming. I have watched it over and over and over.
This is for discussion, expression, mourning, celebration, of those characters we have lost, gained, or broken. Fanfic, Fan art, caps, thoughts, pretty much anything that you might like to share about those certain episodes.
Any fandom.
Any character.


This whole community could be a spoiler, tread carefully.

In the Subject line: Fandom, episode (number and/or title). Description.
ie. CSI Miami, 301, discussion.

Tag: show name, episode number and/or title

Be nice. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. To some degree. Moderator has the right to moderate.

As this is a baby community, improvements will be made, everything may be subject to change.

Feel free to ask questions in the intro post.

Feel free to pimp.

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Got an Ep that made you cry? scream? throw things, or cringe in horror? If so, here's the place for you. Here you can discuss, share, mourn, or vent. then come over to the_301 and let us know.

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