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Jade [userpic]
Angel, 515
by Jade (jade_plume)
at May 12th, 2006 (07:25 pm)

current mood: sad
current song: Let's the sun fall down - Kim Richey

I have to say in the first place that I'm glad to find this community, I really love the concept...
 I gotta kind of a curse with tv-shows, in each I'm watching religiously, my favorite character dies. Always T.T So if this community's still alive I think I could feed it ^^"

The last "301 episode" I have in memory is "A hole in the world"  from AtS. As you guessed, Fred was my favorite character (at the beginning it was Doyle, cf the 109, Hero, and you'll get my point about this curse story ^^") and I think she had the most terrible dead of the all Whedonverse.

1) She suffered a lot. Really. She gets sick, her intern organ melts down, she's in pain...
2) And afraid. And disgusted. As she said, she fights with heroes, she even saved the world and then, she died from a "monster flu" She didn't deserve it.
3) She can't come back. And she's even not in heaven, as other dead characters could be. Her soul just... dissapear, burnt by Illyria's. And that's the awfulest point of the topic. She's not "gone". She's just not anymore.

As much as this episode broke my heart, I truly think it's one of the better of the show. It's kinda perfect. The direction, the light, all the cast... the way Angel and Spike didn't save Fred even if they could. The last scene between her and Weasley. Her last words... I'm not scared, I'm not scared... Please Weasley, why can't I stay ? Plus it gave birth to Illyria, one of the fascinating character ever (and Amy is perfect as Illyria too)

But yeah, Fred really left a hole in my world...